Creating specialized ontologies using Wikipedia: The Muninn Experience

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TitleCreating specialized ontologies using Wikipedia: The Muninn Experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWarren, RH
Conference NameProceedings of Wikipedia Academy: Research and Free Knowledge. (WPAC2012)
Date PublishedJune/2012
PublisherWikimedia Deutschland
Conference LocationBerlin, Germany

This paper reports on the experiences of the Muninn Project in creating specialized ontologies for historical governmental and military organizations using the Wikipedia data set and its Linked Open Data companion DBpedia. The motivation for the ontologies and the extraction methods used are explained and their pitfalls reviewed. Overall Wikipedia is a very accurate knowledge base from which multi-lingual concepts can be extracted. The caveat is that while the information is almost always present, it is not always straight-forward to retrieve because of missing structures or categorization information

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